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I like the idea because it is rather unique.  Unfortunately like most apps, it is extremely difficult to raise money for them on any crowdfunding platforms.  Another massive problem I see with this campaign, is that you have only one reward of 100$.   That is very bad, because a lot of people contribute between 30$ and $45.  I have the feeling that the people that have listed this campaign have not studied anything about how to make successful campaigns on crowdfunding sites or that they just want to try to make a quick buck.   If they fail it is not because of a lack of good ideas or a good product, but a lack of knowledge in crowdfunding.   There are no images of the app itself, no example of how the final product will look, no videos of the people behind the campaign.

Another massive problem I see, and this should be a warning to everyone is that Jeff, the campaigner currently has two campaigns running at the same time, for two different products.   And of course both of them have virtually no information.

I’m pretty sure they will both fail, but just to be sure that you’re not wasting your money I’m telling you stay away from those type of campaigns.

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